iPhone 8 and the Lightning Cable Conundrum

We have all seen through the great iPhone drama last year when Apple decided that it was a great idea to remove the headphone jack and replace it with other wireless technology that most public masses had no idea about. We all know about the great riots that ensued against this decision, deemed as quite a stupid move by many. But i believe that with a little tolerance and research, we all can grow to love the new lightning port system that has displaced the headphone jack because it seems as if it is here to stay for a number of iPhone generations.

If we look past the fog of anger, it becomes quite clear that ditching the jack and sticking with the new lightning port can prove to be quite a beneficial move in the long run.


The lightning connector is the proprietary computer bus which previously replaced the 30 pin dock connector on Apple devices. While the compact port was generally being used for charging purposes as well to connect the iPhone or iPad to peripheral devices, it is now being used to connect headphones as well. So if you do not wish to use bluetooth for your listening endeavors on your iPhone, you may purchase a pair lightning cable earpods which are now available in a number of different outlets and brands.


It seems that Apple users and enthusiasts who do not appreciate the idea of the lightning port will have to learn to get used to it as it is here to stay. Apple has already begun to no longer provide the lightning to 3.5mm jack adapter they had been adding to the iPhone 7 sets and it is extremely likely that this trend will continue for the iPhone 8 as well. It is already confirmed that the iPhone 8 will only be using the lightning port for the sake of headphones as well.


There are a number of reasons why ditching the headphone jack and bluetooth wireless listening and opting instead for the lightning port headphones is the best idea. First of all, the most compelling case it makes is that of the better quality of the sound coming through. The reason behind the improved sound quality is the fact that compared to bluetooth or the 3.5mm jack, the rate of data transfer is very high and impressive. With the lightning port, the digital to analog convertor and the amp is located inside the headphones themselves meaning more data can easily be transferred to the headphones from the phone, resulting in smoother, better quality of the audio we listen to.iPhone 8 headphone options

Apart from high fidelity sound, another huge benefit the lightning headphones provide is that due to the high data transfer speeds, they are easily able to include features such as noise cancellation without requiring extra bulky batteries.


Lightning Cable Earbuds are indeed serving to greatly enhance the average audio listening experience which would otherwise be monotonous and compromising in nature. They offer noise cancellation, better quality, and some even allow EQ and frequency control. Here are a few of the best lightning cable earbuds suited for use with the soon to arrive iPhone 8.

  • Apple Lightning EarPods

For an Apple product, the best accessory to choose would also be an Apple product. Quite cheap, available for only $29 from the Apple store, these earpods are a classic. Read the full review from the music experts at WhatHiFi for more.

  • Philips Fidelio M2L

The Philips Fidelio M2L is as luxurious as you can get with lightning cable headphones- stylish, efficient, and probably the best audio playback earphones of digital audio- all at a decent price.

  • JBL Reflect Aware

If you are willing to spend a bit more open handedly on your lightning headphones or tend to be a bit sporty, then there is none better for you than the JBL Reflect Aware. They are sweat proof, noise canceling and controlling, available in a multitude of attractive colors, and adaptive to your ear size. All in all a very pleasurable listening experience. Check out this full in-depth overview of these pricey yet technologically dominant earbuds.